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We monitor Family Law cases at Ventura County Superior Court and Los Angeles Superior Court to proactively notify you of any updates. Immediate, Automatic, Reliable.

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Timely updates on all your cases.

  • Increases the amount of time you have to respond to an update to a case.
  • Reduces administrative overhead.
  • Provides confirmation that actions and filings you have taken on a case have been processed.
  • Helps you more effectively represent your clients.

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Add cases by inputting their ID. Choose how you'd like to be notified. That's all there is to it.

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Every case you're tracking is listed in one place with links to the Ventura or LA County site.

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No need to check at the Ventura or LA County website, just wait and we'll notify you when an update is made.

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Casemon has quickly become essential to our law practice. It lets us know immediately about any changes or new filings to our cases so we can properly stay ahead of the curve. What an amazing product! Marc Dion Dion Law Group

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Frequently asked questions

Casemon currently monitors Family Law cases at Ventura County Superior Court and Los Angeles Superior Court. We will be adding support for other types of cases in LA and Ventura county soon.
During your free trial, you can monitor up to 1000 cases. The 10 day free trial period starts when you receive your first case update alert. 10 days after you receive your first alert from casemon, you will need to subscribe to one of our monthly packages, or your account will be automatically de-activated at no cost to you.
Casemon charges a flat monthly rate, depending on the number of active cases you monitor. There are no charges for per case charges, updates charges, or any other fees for the use of the casemon service.
No credit card is required for the free trial.

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